Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be life changing devices. They can open up a world of sound and boost your confidence. They can make it easier to tackle many “normal” day to day tasks. 

However, for all of their advantages, hearing aids do come with a few challenges. These small devices need careful looking after. This keeps them in their best working shape, helping to improve your quality of life for many years to come. 

One challenge for hearing aid wearers is travel. You may even feel nervous about the prospect of traveling with hearing aids. These tips will help. 

Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

Take the stress out of traveling with hearing aids with these 5 tips:

  1.  Plan Ahead

Our number one tip is to do as much of the planning at home as possible. Do your homework. See if there are restaurants or hotels that provide more comfortable listening environments. Things to look out for include: 

  • Quiet spaces
  • Furnishings on the walls / furniture
  • Volume of music

Take advantage of online reviews and photos. You’d be surprised how much information reviews can actually provide! 

You can also apply the same techniques to look for excursions. Look for tour companies / agents that offer suitable facilities. Is there an audio tour? Are there guides available to translate? Are there hearing loss friendly features – such as a hearing loop? 

  1.  Make Hearing Friendly Travel Arrangements

When you’re booking your travel, mention your hearing loss on your booking. Some companies or agencies offer additional assistance for hearing impaired individuals. 

Alongside letting your airline or travel agent know about your hearing loss, plan for any eventuality. Bring printed copies of your travel arrangements with you. This is a best-practice for any traveler! Spare copies can be surprisingly useful. 

  1.  Sign up for Available Alerts

Keep up to date with any changes to your booking with alerts. Most travel firms and airlines offer updates that can be delivered directly to your phone. 

This ensures that you don’t miss any important announcements. We’ve all experienced a crowded airport terminal, struggling to hear the announcer. Take the stress away by signing up for available alerts. 

When making your bookings, be sure to mention your hearing loss. You may find that further assistance is available for the hearing impaired

  1.  Pack Your Hearing Aid Accessories

When packing, make yourself a quick checklist. Things that you’ll want to pack for your hearing aids include: 

  • Spare hearing aid batteries (where relevant)
  • Hearing aid charger (where relevant)
  • Dehumidifier 
  • Secure store box
  • Hearing aid cleaning kit

These 5 items can help protect your hearing aids when traveling. Make sure that you’re cleaning your devices at the end of the day, and store securely when not in use. 

  1.  Flying with Hearing Aids

Flying with hearing aids just requires a bit of communication. When you’re going through security, make them aware of your hearing aid devices. You’re allowed to wear your hearing aids on board the aircraft. However, to ensure that you don’t miss any important announcements, let the flight crew know about your hearing loss. 

You may also experience worsened symptoms of tinnitus when flying. If your tinnitus worsens when flying, try: 

  • Avoiding earplugs. Blocking out the background noise can actually intensify the awareness of tinnitus. 
  • Sit towards the front of the craft (away from the wings). The further away you are from the engine, the quieter it is. 
  • Swallow and yawn often. This helps open up your Eustachian tubes and can help equalize pressure in your ears. 

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