What to Expect at REM

Treatment plans are individualized according to the needs and lifestyle of each unique patient while providing professional attention that reflects the dedication to improving the quality of life for all of REM’s patients. Founder Elizabeth Patterson Au.D. has, through her great passion for the industry, grown and expanded her practice over 40 years to include Doctors of Audiology in Evesham and Voorhees, NJ and in Philadelphia, Pa. Each Doctor of Audiology remains dedicated to increasing their knowledge about the newest technology by attending seminars and educational events. Each Doctor of Audiology remains dedicated to REM Audiology’s mission statement.

It is the intention of the REM Audiologists in Voorhees, Marlton, and Philadelphia that each client that enters through our doors leave with more knowledge about their hearing situation than when they first came through outdoors. Our Knowledge is power and that sense of empowerment elevates the quality of life for our clients. Each patient will be made aware of all the options available to them……assisting in the decision making the process that is unique for him or her.

Our Audiologists in Voorhees, Marlton, and Philadelphia are capable of assisting the hearing impaired client of any age. Our patients range from infants/toddlers to geriatric clients. Yet each audiologist goes above and beyond to develop expertise in specific areas of passion and interest. We have audiologists that deal directly with school districts to ensure a secure and rich educational environment for hearing impaired youth. Other Doctors of Audiology focus upon the active adult population including the senior citizen. Others focus upon clients in nursing homes and extended care facilities. The ability to hear becomes all the more important with the aging process. REM professionals extend themselves beyond the required criteria in order to ensure expert treatment for clients with hearing compromises.


Founder Dr. Elizabeth Patterson remains dedicated in making sure that herself and all the staff and audiologists in Voorhees, Marlton and Philadelphia remain current with the latest knowledge and that each audiologist is encouraged to follow their area of passion. The office is equipped to demonstrate the latest technology including blue tooth streaming and other assistive listening devices including closed-captioned telephones. The hearing is so important to maintain and enhance cognitive, psychological, social and overall physical health. Such individualized demonstrations of the latest hearing technologies let people know what they have been missing.


We ensure that each person who comes into contact with an REM Audiologist in Voorhees, Evesham Township, or Philadelphia leaves with more information about their unique situation and about the various options available to them. REM professionals assist in improving the quality of life for our clients, making each month Better Hearing and Speech Month.

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The purpose of this hearing assessment and/or demonstration is for hearing wellness and to determine if the consumer may benefit from using hearing aids, which may include selling and fitting hearing aids. Products demonstrated may differ from products sold. Assessment conclusion is not a medical diagnosis and further testing may be required to diagnose hearing loss. The use of any hearing aid may not fully restore normal hearing and does not prevent future hearing loss. Hearing instruments may not meet the needs of all hearing-impaired individuals.