Technology Spotlight: Oticon Technology

REM’s website has a new feature! We’re calling it our Technology Spotlight. Every month we want to bring you the latest in hearing healthcare technology news. New hearing aids, top of the line assistive listening devices, even soon-to-be released accessories are all updates you can expect in the future.

This month: Oticon Technology. Specifically: the Oticon Opn™ hearing aid.

According to a press release put out by Oticon (about new rechargeable hearing aids – keep your eyes open for next week’s blog), Opn technology “…gives users advantages that even the most sophisticated hearing solutions of today can’t deliver – the ability to handle noisy environments with multiple speakers and to connect their hearing aids to the Internet…”

How does this work? The processing speed of the Opn is advanced enough to accurately interpret sound in a 360 degree environment. Oticon’s Opn page has more information.

Oticon Opn also offers:

  • Tinnitus SoundSupport (offering customizable sounds to help relieve tinnitus)
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • A range of styles and colors

Used in conjunction with the Oticon ConnectClip, the Opn also utilizes Bluetooth® technology to help connect your aid to your mobile and home devices so you can enjoy hands-free streaming.

Be sure to check out Oticon’s website for additional info on the OPN and other technology they offer.

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