In our July Newsletter, we briefly talked about how hearing is an important part of overall wellness. We touched on all age groups, providing links from the importance of socialization in children (which we also wrote a blog about) to one about summer activities for seniors and hearing loss.

Wellness is something we at REM Audiology take very seriously, and it’s something we talk about often. Through hearing knowledge and hearing aids, utilizing hearing tests and state of the art technology, we feel we’re in a good position to help our patients achieve their own personal health goals. Hearing is a big part of overall wellness, and one part REM Audiology can focus on completely.

To reach these goals, we started a few programs and installed some new features in our offices. In addition to our very own Wellness Program, which began a little less than year ago, we also have a monthly Tips and Sips Hearing Cafe meet and greet (where you can show up with questions and concerns) and newly installed Listening Rooms (where you can try out our new interfacing technology in any of our offices). We’re also bringing around hearing test kiosks to local health fairs, trying to get the word out to the community how important hearing really is.

This is all old information to anybody who has been following our past blogs and website, but it’s something we want to keep emphasizing. For anyone with hearing loss, auditory difficulties, or questions of any kind, REM Audiology is here to help.

For more information about any of our programs, please don’t hesitate to call any of our offices. If you’re interested in our new technology or current hearing aid models, please feel free to contact us or stop by.
And finally, keep your eyes open for one of our most exciting changes yet: a new, more responsive website, set to make its debut in the next couple of months.

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