How to Maintain Your Hearing Aids During the Summer Months

As the weather warms up, and we embrace the joy of summer, there’s one tiny yet essential device that requires special care – your hearing aids. The summer months bring along specific challenges for hearing aids, such as excessive heat, humidity, and increased perspiration. However, with some preventive measures and regular maintenance, you can ensure your hearing aids perform optimally throughout this vibrant season. 

Today, we’re exploring how you can maintain your hearing aids during the summer months.

Maintaining Your Hearing Aids in the Summer

This comprehensive guide on hearing aids maintenance during the warm months will ensure you’re set to enjoy your summer fully. Keep your devices in tip-top condition with these tips. 

Shield Your Hearing Aids from Heat

Extreme heat can damage the internal components of your hearing aids. Hence, it’s important to avoid leaving them in a hot car or directly under the sun. Instead, store them in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Keep Them Dry

Water and electronics generally don’t mix well, and hearing aids are no exception. The increased perspiration and humidity during the summer months can cause damage to your devices. Therefore, it’s crucial to dry them thoroughly every night. Using a hearing aid dehumidifier can also be beneficial in this regard.

Regular Cleaning

Dust and sweat can accumulate more quickly in your hearing aids during summer, leading to potential blockages and reduced performance. Make sure to clean them regularly with a dry, soft cloth or a cleaning brush specifically designed for hearing aids. Read more in our hearing aid maintenance guide

Protect Them Around Water

Whether you’re taking a refreshing dip in the pool or enjoying a beach vacation, remember that most hearing aids are not fully waterproof. Use protective gear like waterproof cases or hearing aid sweatbands when you plan to be around water.

Learn more about what to do if your hearing aids get wet.

Check Batteries and Filters Regularly

You may find that you are using your devices more in the summer months. As a result, batteries may deplete faster and filters might require more frequent changes. Regularly check and replace them to ensure consistent performance.

The summer months are a time to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time with family and friends. By following these tips on maintaining your hearing aids, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the season without any concerns about your hearing devices.

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