How long should hearing aid batteries last?

One of the questions we at REM Audiology get asked the most is: “how long should my hearing aid batteries last?” The answer: it depends. Your battery life is dependant on variables such as degree of hearing loss, if your battery is powering other devices (such as Bluetooth streamers or FM receivers), and hours worn daily.

Our baseline answer is 7 – 10 days. You shouldn’t really expect a hearing aid battery to last longer than a week and a half. If use is heavy, that time could even be significantly lower.

Starkey provides a good rundown, and also gives battery life a greater spread (3 to 22 days – mainy because older body aids with AA batteries had a life span extending into nearly 3 weeks).

How do I know when it’s time to change batteries?

Also on the Starkey website: “Change your batteries if the sound becomes distorted or if you have to turn the volume up more than usual.”

Some hearing aids will beep (Phonak instruments) or give a warning sound 30 to 60 minutes (and every 15 minutes after that) before the battery needs to be changed (Oticon). Older model hearing aids will just shut off when the battery dies.

The Widex digital hearing aids can be programmed to actually tell our clients (in one of 22 different languages) when the battery is low.

What type of batteries should I use?

Batteries are designated by a number such as 10, 312, 13, or 675. You must use the number that goes with your particular hearing aid. Generally speaking, the smallest aids run on a 10 battery while the behind the ear aids are either a 13 or 675 battery.

Battery Tips:

All batteries on the market are mercury free.

You should look for the 1.45 volt.

Make sure that once the sticker is taken off, the battery is exposed for 30 seconds before inserting in the hearing aid. The battery needs to be activated by air before insertion.

If the battery has 1.4 volts, do not purchase (1.4 is an older battery with less than efficient functio).

What batteries and battery programs does REM provide?

REM Audiology has several battery plans:

When a hearing aid is purchased with complete hearing healthcare, you get batteries for 5 years.

REM Audiology has battery clubs for those clients not purchasing complete hearing health care. The Battery Club costs $95.00 for which you receive 60 batteries and two complementary hearing aid cleanings – a savings of $60.00

Hearing aid batteries can be purchased separately for $1.00 per cell

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