2018 Hearing Goals

It’s the new year! Have you decided on your new years resolution? If not – of if you wanted to go the extra mile and tack on one or two extra – consider making 2018 the year to do something more about your hearing health.

Hearing aids are improving at a rapid rate, but if you have an older pair, you might be missing out on essential hearing technology. Size, sound processing, and comfort are just some of the ways aids are evolving, and there’s a good chance trying out a new or updated brand could produce a sudden improvement in how you hear the world around you.

A couple of examples of hearing aid technology include Phonak’s extended-wear invisible hearing aids and Oticon’s new Opn devices. The Oticon Opn hearing aids are bluetooth compatible and made with top of the line tech that mirrors brain listening strategies. Phonak also offers rechargeable aids that don’t require disposable batteries.

New hearing aids may also be able to help with issues you might have outside immediate hearing loss. If you suffer from tinnitus, many brands now include features designed to help ease ringing in your ears. Widex, for example, has their Zen program which offers tinnitus relief through fractal sounds and sound therapy.

Maybe you already have the hearing aids you love. That’s completely understandable! Getting the aids you’re comfortable with is often a long and personal process. If that’s the case, assistive listening technology might offer a good alternative to hearing help. Phonak has some good wireless mic options in their Roger line, and if you use the telephone a lot, the CapTel captioned telephone can be a big help with phone call comprehension. Used in conjunction with hearing aids, these assistive devices can often be the missing piece of the hearing puzzle.

If you have never had a hearing evaluation or you’re worried that you might have hearing loss, then resolve this year to get your hearing tested. All you have to do is talk to your primary care physician. If there’s cause for concern, he or she will then refer you to an audiologist. You can check out our blog detailing what you can expect from your first hearing test for more information.

Whatever you decide, keep in mind all these examples are only the tip of the iceberg. It is well worth pursing the websites of hearing manufacturers to see what others choices you have. A simple resolution of being informed of all your options would be a great first step for the new year.

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