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REM Audiology Associates, P.C. provides a wide range of audiological services for all ages including diagnostic and rehabilitation options. Hearing loss can be caused by multiple factors including noise exposure, aging, ototoxic medications, genetic etiology, acoustic trauma, and infections.

Incidence of hearing loss

  • More than 19 million people over age 45 have hearing loss
  • 3 in 10 people over age 60 have hearing loss
  • 1 in 6 of baby boomers have hearing loss
  • 1 in 14 people age 29-40 years have hearing loss
  • At least 1.4 million children age 18 and younger have hearing problems
  • 3 in 1000 infants are born with severe to profound hearing loss Source: The Better Hearing Institute, www.betterhearing.org


Facts about hearing loss

  • 3rd most prevalent chronic condition in older Americans, after arthritis and hypertension
  • 30% of hearing loss in elderly individuals is due to excessive wax and chronic ear infections, which can be treated by the primary care physician
  • Aging is the most common cause of hearing loss in adults in the US; however, only 9% of internists offer hearing tests to patients over age 65
  • Early intervention of hearing loss can halt or reverse 2 forms of adult hearing loss: sudden onset hearing loss and hearing loss caused by certain types of antibiotics
  • The 2 major forms of hearing loss are sensorineural and conductive types
  • Conductive hearing loss involves abnormalities of the middle or external ear
  • Sensorineural is typically permanent and accounts for 90% of all hearing loss
  • Studies have shown that hearing aid use results in improvement in social, emotional, and communication aspects of the life of an individual with hearing loss


Comprehensive diagnostic audiological evaluations from infant to geriatric population

  • Otoscopy: visual inspection of your ear canal and eardrum to determine the presence of excessive earwax or any physical abnormalities
  • Tympanometry: evaluation of middle ear function to determine the presence of fluid behind the eardrum, perforations in the eardrum, or negative pressure in the middle ear
  • Acoustic reflex testing: evaluation of an acoustic reflex response to loud sound stimuli being transmitted efficiently from the middle ear to the neural pathway and back through the middle ear system
  • Otoacoustic emissions: evaluation of integrity of outer hair cell function in the cochlea in the inner portion of the ear
  • Pure tone and speech threshold testing: evaluation of hearing sensitivity to frequency specific stimuli and speech stimuli
  • Speech discrimination testing: evaluation of ability to accurately comprehend words in quiet as well as to comprehend sentences in the presence of background noise for a more realistic assessment of hearing abilities
  • Discussion of test findings regarding the type and degree of your hearing loss and counseling regarding available options and realistic expectations


Hearing aid evaluations and fittings

Based upon the hearing test results and your lifestyle, appropriate amplification options can be discussed to fit your individual needs and improve your quality of life – our main goal is your best interest. Whether you're coming to our Philadelphia our New Jersey offices we offer the following:

  • Hearing aids from various manufacturers
  • Hearing aid demonstrations performed in the office
  • All hearing aids have a 30 day trial period
  • Complete hearing healthcare with each hearing aid purchase includes free batteries for 5 years and complementary cleanings every 3-6 months for the life of the hearing aid
  • Zero interest credit options are available for financing hearing aid purchases. Click here for more information: www.carecredit.com/howcarecreditworks.html
  • Verification of hearing aid settings using real ear measurements
  • Validation of hearing aid benefit using statistically-based questionnaires
  • Pediatric hearing aid fittings following pediatric-specific protocols

**Financial benefits of purchasing a hearing aid from REM Audiology Associates, P.C. compared to AARP


Tinnitus assessments and retraining

  • Hearing evaluation including ultra-high frequency audiometric testing
  • Tinnitus matching and tinnitus masking procedures
  • Options include tinnitus maskers, the Neuromonics device, and amplifications
  • Tinnitus retraining therapy


Aural rehabilitation

  • Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE) program
  • Individualized auditory training for children and adults
  • Validation protocols


Central auditory processing evaluations

  • Performed on children with normal hearing who exhibit academic difficulties, including difficulty with following multi-step directions, reading comprehension and decoding, copying notes from the blackboard, and understanding in background noise
  • The central auditory processing test battery (CAPT) evaluates auditory integration, auditory decoding, auditory memory, auditory closure, and temporal patterning abilities as well as screenings for attention and visual processing deficits.
  • Educational interpretation of results with an extensive list of recommendations based upon individualized results of the test battery for classroom accommodations and modifications to enhance academic performance
  • Coordination of findings and child study team evaluations and IEP
  • On-Site advocacy
  • Classroom noise assessments
  • Can also be performed on adults who are having similar difficulties

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The doctors of audiology at REM Audiology are passionate about educating our clients and our community, empowering them to become sophisticated consumers of hearing healthcare. We incorporate the best, most up to date practices and technology, and offer a customized approach to solving hearing needs. We believe that hearing is vital to the overall wellness of the individual.


We strive to ensure our customers have all the facts they need before they leave our office.


We encourage you to make an appointment for a check up if you have any concerns about hearing loss.


We want our customers to feel comfortable with their hearing loss and are open to answering any and all questions.


Our audiologists are highly educated and treat our customers as family.


Hours may vary by location. Please contact our offices if you have any questions or concerns.

Monday 9:00am-5:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am-5:00pm
Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm
Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday By Appointment
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